Some people purchase boats as means of transportation.  For others, a boat is merely a source of enjoyment.  And then there are those who buy a boat simply as a matter of pride.

Regardless of why you might buy a boat, it is a big investment.  In order to get maximum enjoyment and extend the life of your investment, it’s imperative that you take proper care of your boat.  This is where boat covers can be invaluable purchases.

Boat covers serve mainly as protection from the elements, keeping your craft clean and free of exposure to rain, snow and ice.  Left unattended, your boat will wear and deteriorate.  Like any object, a boat can succumb to corrosion as well as the general wear and tear that can be caused by wind, rain and dust.  Boat covers offer the protection your boat needs.  In fact, a boat cover can prolong the longevity of your boat by 50 percent, as compared to an uncovered and unprotected boat.

If you’ve made the decision to protect your investment with a boat cover, you’ll need to research the different types and decide which cover is best for your particular needs.  

There are many types of boat covers on the market today.  The type of boat cover you choose will depend upon the length of time that you’ll leave your boat unattended, and the severity of the weather your boat will be exposed to.  Boat covers that completely protect the boat are best.  Remember that you may have to make cuts in the cover to allow for certain physical elements of the boat, including rails, masts and engines.  For this reason, many people choose customized boat covers that provide a snug fit, while covering every part of the boat.  

Boat covers are available in a selection of fabrics.  The most popular choices include those made with a combination of waver polyester and non-waver polyester.  Canvas is another common fabric used to make protective boat covers.  As a basic rule, the best boat covers are made of the most rugged and weather-resistant fabrics.  People who leave their boats unattended for long periods of time should choose a thicker, more durable cover than those who leave their boats for a few days at a time.

Regardless of the fabric you choose, your boat cover must be completely waterproof.  Modern hi-tech materials allow moisture to evaporate, so no water will accumulate in or on your boat.  Some boat covers will also protect your craft from ultra-violet rays, preventing the premature fading of paint and upholstery.

Before you decide on the boat cover that’s best for your craft, take the time to compare.  Of course, you want good value for your money, so take all aspects into consideration.  Evaluate the fit, material, the degree of protection and the cost. In any event, the expense will certainly pay for itself as you have many more years of enjoyment in your boat.

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