Callaway is a huge name in the world of golf.  While still a relatively young manufacturer, countless athletes swear by Callaway clubs because they offer some of the finest craftsmanship and highest levels of performance available on the market. In it’s short history, Callaway has consistently outdone the competition by offering innovative designs and novel clubs, including the world-famous Big Bertha.

The legend of Callaway golf is not one of those hundred-year old tales that began on the links in Scotland. Instead, the story begins in 1981 with a vineyard owner named Ely Callaway.  When Callaway retired, he took up the sport of golf to idle away the hours.  One day, while browsing through a golf shop in California, Calloway spotted a pitching wedge that reminded him of the clubs of yesteryear.

To his amazement, however, rather than being a simple and fragile hickory-shafted club, these Hickory Stick clubs were reinforced with steel. Their core was filled with metal, creating a more powerful and steadfast club.  Callaway was so smitten by these clubs that he actually didn’t purchase a set; he bought half of the company!  This explains why Callaway would later invest in quality clubs like Odyssey putters.

The new company was named Callaway Hickory Stick USA. The firm spared no expense in attracting the finest talent in golf design, research and development, and manufacturing.  After quickly developing a name for itself as a producer of high-end golf clubs, Callaway was so inspired by the success that he decided to buy out the rest of the company.

This further investment paid off enormously in the 1990s, largely due to a little lady called Big Bertha.  The first stainless steel driver with a bigger head and more forgiving sweet spot, Big Bertha was no lady to golf balls.  She was a powerhouse that would propel the Callaway name to golf greatness.  

The Callaway success story is one built on smart decisions, gut instincts and a sheer love of the links. Kind of like the game of golf itself.

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