Tennis is excellent exercise, and whether you play the game for fun or as a professional sport, it simply requires some equipment and money and you’re on your way to a healthy habit. This game is always a great reason to go outdoors and have fun. So go ahead, get a partner, and let’s play tennis!

What are the items you need to play tennis? A tennis court, tennis racquet, and tennis balls.

The tennis racquet has evolved over the years and has improved a lot, from the once heavy and wooden racquets to the modern lightweight graphite or fiberglass racquets. The tennis balls comes in the standard color of yellow or white, weighs about two ounces and is about two inches in diameter. The standard size tennis court is about 78 feet long and 27 feet wide (single), or 36 feet (double play).  

But how do you play tennis?  The main goal in tennis is to keep the tennis ball in play once it served by one of the players.  Tennis can be played either by singles or teams of two. Each player on each side tries to hit the ball and send it back over the net to the opposite side. The server on one of the teams serves the ball by tossing it into the air and hitting it with a racquet and aiming it diagonally so that it lands in the receiver’s deuce court.

After a point is made, both players move to the left and continue playing on the advantage court. They keep playing alternately between courts after each point is made until one of the players win the game.

Scoring is unique in tennis, each point is not regarded as a single point, but rather the scores are as follows: The first point is fifteen, second point is thirty, and forty is next. A score of zero is known as love in tennis.  For example, a score in tennis can be 15-love, which means that the other player has one point and the opponent has zero.  When a player or a team wins six games, a set is won; conversely, a player needs to win at least two games more than the opponent to win the match.

A tip before playing tennis: Do some warm up exercises, you may want to warm up by hitting easy ground strokes from the baseline, or simply stretching your arms, legs and body, to ready the muscles for the strenuous activity you are about to do. By doing so, you can avoid muscle and body pains after the game.

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